Migrate Tableau to Power BI: 6-Wk Implementation

MAQ Software

Migrate one of your Tableau workbooks to Microsoft Power BI utilizing its full capabilities as a platform with an import model

Landing a new tool right the first time is critical for successful adoption. This means providing the best reporting experience to end users and ensuring a smooth transition to the new report.

After understanding your requirements, we recommend and create a robust data model in Power BI service satisfying the reporting requirements fulfilled by your current report. We will work closely with your analysts/report developers to understand the data, work with business stakeholders to design reports and create an import model in Power BI.

Execution Plan:

  • Week 1: Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Week 2: Planning and Architecture
  • Week 3-5: Execution and Build
  • Week 6: Deployment & Post-Production Support


Migrate a Tableau workbook to Power BI


Power BI Sponsors/IT Admins/Report Developers


  • Report Mockup
  • Pbix files with import model
  • Power BI reports
  • Performance checks to gauge scalability
  • Row Level security (if required)
  • Documentation regarding the Model

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