Dynamics 365 Business Central: 8-Wk Full Implementation


OneTech offer will provide your company with the opportunity to align business processes with best practices by implementing fully all Dynamics 365 Business Central Modules.

Our approach will be structured according to our implementation methodology, which has five implementation phases: Analysis, Design/Development, Deployment, Go-Live and Project Closeout: For estimation purposes, we have assumed that the majority of design and implementation work would be performed by OneTech. We have also assumed some level of involvement from your personnel, although we have not accounted for any internal costs of that involvement. Price is based on scope of work. In scope of the work is included full implementation of below listed modules:

  1. Finance
  2. Sales
  3. Purchasing
  4. Inventory
  5. Fixed Assets
  6. Relationship Management
  7. Assembly Management
  8. Warehouse Management
  9. General Business Functionality
  10. Reporting

All the work will be performed within 8 weeks, equivalent with 40 Man/Days. Expected benefits from the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central with OneTech

  1. The coverage and management of all business processes in a single integrated system
  2. Tracking of financial results per product, customer, department
  3. Efficient management of company’s resources.
  4. Increasing the productivity of the administrative personnel.
  5. Contribute to better communication between employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners Reduce the time for keying in information • Reduce the risk of errors and/or double entry
  6. Increase the control over ongoing business processes
  7. Easier reporting and monitoring of all activities
  8. Protect the company data
  9. Instant access to all information necessary for decision making and assigning responsibilities
  10. Improve accountability within the company

This offer does not include integrations with third party systems but are available if requested for additional fees.

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