PPM Discovery: 3 Day Assessment

PPM Works, Inc.

The PPM Discovery will provide you with a comprehensive implementation road map for a long-term Project Portfolio Management solution.

The PPM Discovery solution is a 3 day assessment that will provide you with a comprehensive implementation roadmap for a long-term Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution using Microsoft Project. PPM Works will provide you with guidance and recommendations throughout the system evaluation.


  • Gain Visibility and Control: Using an enterprise project and resource repository you can centralize all project and resources and standardizing metadata.
  • Maximize Resource Utilization: Capturing resource requirements early in the project life cycle helps analysts anticipate future demand and proactively schedule projects to maximize resource utilization.
  • Demand Management: Better manage the project pipeline and you’re your resources are working on by capturing your team’s ideas in SharePoint task lists and measuring them in PWA.
  • Strengthen Everyday Collaboration: Utilize the search capabilities of SharePoint to execute everyday work and projects more effectively and find the right information.

By leveraging PPM Works to deliver this project, you will ensure the right blend of expertise and knowledge to successfully manage and execute your project portfolio while providing the largest economic value and organizational benefits.

What is included:

  • Avoid duplication of efforts/tasks in multiple tools​
  • Eliminate or reduce manual processing for project intake and planning, portfolio dashboard, financial reporting, and/or capacity planning​
  • Ability to support your specific core project or portfolio management principles​
  • Improve data quality and metrics reporting​
  • Allow for efficient stage gate and approval monitoring and review​
  • Offer most cost-effective approach and plan in regards to tool acquisition costs while providing your core PPM requirements​
  • Provide a Crawl, Walk, Run approach that considers your appetite for automation while allowing for flexibility to meet potential funding constraints​

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