Meter Data Management: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Insights on data streaming from Smart Meters in real-time or batch with this quick pilot for consumption and leakage analytics using Power BI.

Prevent leakage and optimize consumption for utilities (water/gas/electricity) with this Proof of Concept. Enable real-time visibility of data streaming from smart meters to analyze meter health.

The pilot implementation will include live dashboards to visualize streaming data from smart meters for Power BI Analytics.


Week 1

  • Identifying the smart meters for nature and frequency of the streaming data
  • Understand KPIs from data insights
  • Create roadmap to build a PoC using Power BI

Week 2

  • Design build, data connections, and dashboards based on the findings of week 1
  • Regular demonstrations for feedback
  • Final handover of dashboards with documentation


  • Consumption and leakage analytics
  • Meter data health analytics dashboard
  • Solution architecture for smart meter connectivity and data streaming
  • Data model to manage and analyse real-time data
  • Connection with one smart meter type
  • 3 - 4 dashboards, each dashboard with 5 - 6 visuals


  • Supported protocols by smart meters for data streaming and frequency of data
  • Sample data to simulate data streaming from smart meters

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