Slalom + Microsoft Syntex: 2-Hr Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Determine the types of content your organization uses and how you would want to search and refine that content in the future during our Discovery Workshop.

Slalom's people-first approach, tailoring solutions to fit what people really need to be more productive, is highlighted in Microsoft Syntex.

The key to this technology is the INNOVATIVE AI features that transform how content is CREATED, PROCESSED and DISCOVERED.

Experience is at the heart of Modern Work. Microsoft 365 enables Modern Work with a suite of complementary capabilities that drive connection, enable teamwork, and help people be productive no matter the location or device they are working from.

Organizations are moving from Building Intranets to Enabling Employee Experiences. The shift from Traditional to Modern Intranets is all about the people.

Modern Work Drives Business Value. Organizations are planning employee experiences that drive the business forward.

Slalom's experience ranges across the core capabilities of Modern Work, including Microsoft Syntex.

Microsoft Syntex is Content AI integrated in the flow of work to:
ENHANCE: Understand and Assemble content with AI powered processing, summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotations integrated in Microsoft 365
CONNECT: Discover and Reuse content AI powered search, e-signature, and integration into business workflows
MANAGE: Analyze and Protect to manage, backup, and restore your content while managing storage costs and complying with long-time archive needs

Slalom's Approach to Microsoft Syntex
As with any project Slalom delivers, we take a people-first approach and tailor our solutions to fit what people really need to be more productive. Microsoft Syntex solutions are no different.

Typically, we begin with a DISCOVERY to determine the types of content the organization uses and how they would want to search and refine that content in the future.

ALTERNATIVELY, OR IN CONJUNCTION, we look at how the organization could create the content in a consistent pattern to enable a searchable and refinable content repository over the long term for future content.

Then we work on a PROOF OF CONCEPT to show the power and viability of the solution, which then leads to a full-scale rollout across a business unit or the organization, while always providing organizational change management along the way to ensure the initiative’s success.

* Welcome & Workshop Overview
* Use Case Review
* Who is the Audience?
* Brainstorm & Discuss Requirements
* Prioritize Requirements
* Discuss Next Steps – Proof of Concept

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