Health&Safety Adaptive Engine:4-Wk Prf of Concept

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The key to operational excellence and making smarter decisions is a Digitally-Enriched EH&S Operational Excellence

Paramount to an evolved understanding of safety is a recognition that strong EHS&S (Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability) does not have to be at odds with achieving business outcomes. In fact, the precursors to good business performance and safety performance are the same: both require establishing a culture of operational excellence enabled by technology. The key to operational excellence and making smarter decisions is a Digitally-Enriched EH&S Operational Excellence. To achieve digitally-enriched EH&S maturity and attain descriptive, predictive and prescriptive capabilities, it necessitates the following four technologies to be implemented over time for data quality to increase and mature:

  1. Data Visualization (such as Power BI)
  2. Digital Acquisition of Leading Indicators
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics We can establish a quick Proof of Concept (POC) to create value quickly and begin to lay the foundation to scale the solution within your organization by:
  5. Defining the scope – identify priority use cases, data subsets, and more.
  6. Mining and analyzing the data – uncover common themes, leading indicators, and new risks.
  7. Presenting finding – develop and present a dashboard to visualize the results. With a successful POC, we can analyze the potential to scale the solution, create an adoption strategy, and deploy the solution as your organization begins to establish a culture of operational excellence. Most Health & Safety data visualization projects done in Power BI-based POCs take ~4-6 weeks depending on the volume of leading & lagging indicators and the state of the data. These variables may also affect the price beyond the estimated price listed.

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