Power BI for Analytics Experts: 4-Day Workshop


A hands-on training workshop for business users and analytics professionals

The fundamental objective of this training workshop, conducted on-site at your premises, is to provide students with the necessary knowledge for data integration and advanced analysis on information using Power BI. All this, based on practical cases of diverse business areas, allowing the student to apply all of them in their workplace.

Over the course of 4 days, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create Power BI solutions and apply them in their company
  • Import data from heterogeneous sources (Excel, Access, ERP systems, websites, online services, social media, etc.)
  • Design, refine and optimize data models
  • Create analytical calculations using DAX
  • Leverage the model and the analytical information to create reports and dashboards
  • Share them within the organization
  • Take decisions anytime, anywhere

    • Agenda

      Day 1

      • 01: Introduction to Business Intelligence
      • 02: Introduction to Power BI Ecosystem
      • 03: Introduction to Power BI Desktop
      • 04: Get Data – Gathering & Cleansing
      • 05: Modeling – Dimensional Modeling

      Day 2

      • 06: Modeling – Improving the Data Model
      • 07: Visualize – Introduction to Visuals & Chart Interactions
      • 08: Introduction to Power BI Service
      • 09: Get Data – Advanced Transformations

      Day 3

      • 10: Modeling – Introduction to DAX
      • 11: Modeling – Advanced Modeling Techniques
      • 12: Visualize – Advanced Visualizations
      • 13: Visualize – Advanced Features

      Day 4

      • 14: Share – Publishing and Sharing using Power BI Service
      • 15: Power BI Mobile
      • 16: Modeling – Security
      • 17: Administration

      Contact us for a more detailed agenda.

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