Customer Voice Analytics: 2-WK Proof of Concept

SpadeWorx Software Services, Inc.

Proof of Concept of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice & Power BI to gain insights from customer voice

SpadeWorx is offering a Proof of Concept (PoC) implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice along with a PowerBI report, to gain insights from customer feedback. This PoC helps Enterprises to uncover value from their customer feedback. The PoC also enables Enterprises to identify any improvements in feedback collection & analysis methods.

Agenda of the PoC:

Below activities will be carried out as part of the PoC:

  1. Day 1: Discussion & Analysis of Customer feedback collection objectives –2 hours
    1. PoC overview session
    2. Discussion about expectations & responsibilities
    3. Understand business requirements
  2. Day 2: Finalize Customer feedback collection objectives & scope– 3 hours
    1. Discuss and finalize scope for proof of concept
    2. Discuss draft of 2 questionnaires
    3. Finalize target audience list
  3. Day 3: Reserved for SpadeWorx
  4. Day 4: Review of Feedback survey –2 hours
    1. Review & finalize survey questionnaires
    2. Finalize metrics
    3. Test run the surveys & fix any issues, if observed
  5. Day 5: Launch Survey –1 hour
    1. Trigger surveys to target audience
  6. Day 6: Reporting – 4 hours
    1. PowerBI report setup, with required customizations, for both surveys
  7. Day 7: Reserved for SpadeWorx
  8. Day 8 & 9: Report Analysis –4 hours
    1. Review responses through PowerBI reports
    2. Analyse insights & suggested actions
  9. Day 10: Train the Trainer – 4 hours
    1. Walkthrough of the survey management and reports
    2. Review of roadmap for implementing VOC campaigns in future
    3. Discussion about next steps for onwards engagement


No specific pre-requisites


  • Max 12 Questions & sub-questions for few of them, for each survey
  • Max 1000 Target audience for the surveys
  • One PowerBI report for each survey


  1. 2 surveys
  2. 2 Power BI reports
  3. Suggested approach for future surveys
  4. Proposal for extended engagement, as needed

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