Escaping Notes to PowerApps Starter: 3-Wk Workshop

TaDah Corp

In just 3 weeks disrupt your Lotus Notes end-of-life plans by learning how to assess the effort to migrate to PowerApps and experience first-hand best-practices delivering a handful of your apps.

Kick Start your Notes migration to Microsoft PowerApps

Learn why and how PowerApps is a perfect fit for many of your Lotus Notes apps. EscapeNotes is bringing their unique 20+ years of Lotus Notes and migrations to the PowerApps environment. Experience how the EscapeNotes tools and custom PowerApps Connector simplifies your effort.


Week 1: High-level assessment, roadmap, preparation for migration to PowerApps

  • Framework review for criteria selection and scope
  • Automated analysis of candidate pool of Notes apps
  • Application selection and prioritization (10-100)
  • Prepare Azure environment

Week 2 (onsite): Detailed application assessment, plan, and migration to PowerApps

  • Review roadmap, including target platform options
  • Overview of PowerApps/CDS from a Notes perspective
  • Best practices to classify Notes apps based on target platform and value
  • AppAdvisor selection of a handful of apps
  • Review essential business processes, dependencies, future requirements
  • Develop a PowerApp with the EscapeNotes Custom PowerApps Connector
  • Learn how to integrate with PowerApps, Flow, Dynamics, and SharePoint

Week 3: Review

  • Testing plans/release plans
  • Refine business process
  • Guide refinement of the PowerApps
  • Review data mapping/CDS
  • Review AppAdvisor role


  • Deep analysis of a candidate pool of Notes apps
  • Environment to rapidly migrate Notes apps
  • Working knowledge on how to quickly estimate the fit of Notes app to PowerApps
  • Learn the key concepts of Lotus Notes without the need to access Lotus Notes
  • Technical feasibility details and approach to the app development
  • Hands-on experience building a PowerApp based Lotus Notes

Recommended prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of PowerApps, Azure, Flow, and Common Data Service recommended
  • Business process outline for selected apps
  • Access to stakeholders to review and confirm prior to migration

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