SharePoint Intranet Jumpstart: 20-D Implementation

Total Solutions, Incorporated

Use Microsoft SharePoint Online to grow your business. In this offer you will receive consulting services to implement a SharePoint Online Intranet to increase collaboration and improve your data.

The SharePoint Online Intranet Jumpstart intends to explore the realm of possibilities within SharePoint Online and its integration into the rest of the Microsoft 365 stack. Total Solutions' goal for the Jumpstart is to launch your organization's SharePoint Online based Intranet and to provide a hub for information on key business functions and broadcast information and culture across the organization. Total Solutions will work with the customer to design and develop a SharePoint intranet for the organization as it expands their SharePoint presence to alleviate challenges associated with their business and improve collaboration.

The customer will participate in Strategic Design workshops with a lead stakeholder defining a mix of activities that will capture feedback from a range of valuable stakeholders within the organization. Collaborating to build a Strategic Design strategy ensures the customer's top priorities with this SharePoint Online Intranet can be properly identified and discussed in-depth.

Following the design phase, the customer can expect Total Solutions to develop the SharePoint Online based Intranet and complete any refinements based on customer feedback.

Scope of Work:

  1. Project Kickoff Activities
  2. Strategic Design Workshops & Backlog Creation a. Deliverable: Two (2) One-hour Remote Design Sessions via Microsoft Teams and a list of actionable activities to be developed against during the Intranet prototype dev sprint b. Deliverable: One Backlog that consists of a list of features, functionality, tasks and activities identified during strategic design to be developed against.
  3. Intranet Prototype Development Sprint
    a. Deliverable: SharePoint Online Intranet with Homepage, 5 Department Pages, permissions and out of the box branding. i. Sprint Planning Meeting ii. Intranet Development iii. Quality Check iv. Sprint Demonstration v. User Acceptance Testing
  4. Refinements & Deployment – Refinement prior to go live and deployment services

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