Power BI: 3-Day Workshop

Turnkey Tec

In this three-day workshop users will learn the functionality of Power BI with the instruction of a subject matter expert and gain hands-on experience using their own data.

After this workshop, users will have a full understanding of Power BI and how to generate value-adding reports for their individual organization.


Day 1

The first day will help participants understand the Power BI environment:

  • Gain an understanding of the two Power BI Platforms
  • Explore the functionality of DAX equations
  • Experience user collaboration and role-level security with Power BI reports
  • Gain hands-on experience interacting with Power BI Desktop and Service

Day 2

Day two's objective is to take these concepts and apply them:

  • Power BI Report Buildout/Best Practices
  • Allows users to gain experience in building a Power BI Report
  • Using DAX to build-out measures that formulate the metrics desired
  • Report Collaboration- Create Power BI Apps and Content Packs and share with colleagues

Day 3

  • ‘Bring your own data’ Report Development
  • Customized to your needs using your data


Visioning Session

  • Determine the purpose of the report and the reporting goals.
  • Understand your current reporting capabilities.
  • Strategize how Power BI can visually tell your company’s story.

Requirements Gathering

  • Understand goals and current processes that determine the report’s makeup

Data Discovery Session

  • Understand where your data is located, its structure and what elements are needed to create the report
  • Determine key metrics
  • Connect to your data and begin report building
  • Designed for Report Developers, Business Analysts and Power BI users.


  • Users in the training are required to have a Power BI Pro License and working environment.
  • All key players in the project must be present to sign off on goals, timelines and outcomes.
  • Participants will access mock data sources and access Power BI Pro software through Turnkey's site.
  • $1,995 can be applied as a credit if the client engages with Turnkey Technologies for BI.
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