Power BI: 2-Day Workshop

Turnkey Tec

In this two-day workshop users will learn about the functionality of Microsoft Power BI with the instruction of a Power BI subject matter expert and gain hands-on experience with the product.

The first day is structured to help the participants understand the Power BI environment, while day two’s objective is to take these concepts and apply them by creating a custom report.


Day 1

  • Power BI overview and basics
  • Discover the building blocks of Power BI - What is Power BI
  • Gain an understanding of the Power BI Platforms - Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop
  • Explore how the functionality of DAX equations are used throughout Power BI
  • Experience user collaboration and role level security with your Power BI reports
  • Gain real world experience with hands on sessions interacting with Power BI Desktop and Service

Day 2

  • Power BI report buildout and best practices
  • Instructor guided report building that allows users to gain real world experience in building a Power BI Report
  • Review the process of how to approach a report building project
  • Using DAX to build-out measures that formulate the metrics desired
  • Report Collaboration: Create and share Power BI Apps and Content Packs
  • ‘Show and Tell’ sessions


At the end of this workshop, users should feel confident in the Power BI platform, as well as have an understanding of the process of generating a Power BI report from start to finish.


  • Participants will work within Turnkey's Power BI environment; therefore, a Power BI license will not be required.
  • Participants will access mock data sources and access Power BI Pro software through Turnkey's training site.
  • This course is designed for Report Developers, Business Analysts, and Power BI Users
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