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An intuitiv way to save your files for your Business Central.

Software today must be user-friendly. Why? On the one hand, employees can perform productive work daily, and on the other hand, new employees can be trained easily.

The problem that exists in the Dynamics 365 Business Central system standard is that users can currently only store files as attachments in an insufficient number of places. Likewise, the operation is not very intuitive and cumbersome.

Usability thanks to anaptis Dropzone

Improve the user-friendliness of Dynamics 365 Business Central with the anaptis Dropzone. The app makes it possible to attach files to documents (e.g. purchase orders) via drag-and-drop (dragging files to a dedicated area in the web browser).

In this case, the standard functionality remains and is merely supplemented by the app.

The drag-and-drop area is initially displayed in the app standard at the places where the option of a file attachment also exists in Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard.

Lastly, the uploaded files can of course be downloaded or deleted.

The functions briefly

In summary, the application offers three core functions:

·        File upload via drag-and-drop

·        file download

·        File deletion

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central


Supported Countries

Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


Supported Languages

This app is available in German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and English (Australia, United Kingdom, United States)

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