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Enable Texting on your business phone - Receive and Send Texts using your email

Enable Texting on your business phone - Receive and Send Texts using your email

Take you business communication to the next level with email-texting. Now your business can send and receive texts from your existing landlines, VoIP numbers or new numbers you choose. It’s the best way to connect with your customers, associates, organizations, whoever you need to communicate with.

It’s quick and easy to get started, no new software to install or learn. Handle all your Texting in your email.

  • Easily Add Texting (SMS) to your Business Phone number
  • Use your existing email account to recieve and send Texts
  • Works with any email client - Microsoft 365, Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, whatever you use
  • No software to download or install
  • Pick new phone numbers for Texting
  • Get dedicated numbers for customers, employees, marketing campaigns, whatever you need
  • Works with Toll-Free (800) numbers
  • Get all the new phone numbers you need
  • Enables Texting on your Business Landline and VoIP numbers
  • Masked Numbers/Burner Numbers - never let them see your cell phone number
  • Send a Text from your email
  • Texts with pictures (MMS) come in as an email file attachment
  • Get local numbers in the area code and city you select
  • Does not affect your phone number or phone system
  • Simple effective Security you control

How it works

  • Someone sends a Text to your email-texting enabled phone number
  • You receive the Text in your email inbox
  • Simply reply to the email to Text them back
  • or

  • Send a Text directly from your email

Voice calls

  • Calls to your numbers are automatically forwarded to the phone number you choose
  • Make calls using your email-texting number, they see that number as the Caller Id

Get Started Today

The best way to learn about email-texting is to try it out.  It's FREE to try and since there is no software to install or learn you will be up and Texting in minutes.  Once you start, you will wonder how you ever got by without email-texting. It's the easy way to integrate texting in your organization right where you manage all your other communication - in your email. 

Try it out now, you will be glad you did!

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email-texting only works with phone numbers in the USA and Canada.

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