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Maximize your organization's collective intelligence in Microsoft Teams. Zap is the virtual assistant created by Zapiens. Its artificial intelligence and its natural language processing mechanism allow it to generate an exponential, simple and intuitive knowledge system within your company, based on receiving questions and sending concise answers. Zap's operating flow is divided into five actions: 1. A person in your organization asks Zap a question. 2. Zap processes the question and searches for an answer in its database. 3. If Zap finds the answer: it sends it directly to the person who asked it. 4. If Zap does not have the answer in its database: it sends the question to an expert in your organization so that he/she can answer it. 5. Zap stores the new questions with their respective answers to expand and maintain a network of your company’s updated knowledge. Using Zap in your organization will allow your professional teams to: - Access contrasted and reliable information that interests them about a specific subject. - Save time in finding concrete answers to specific problems. - Identify professionals who have knowledge about specific issues of your company. - Co-construct a solid knowledge base by taking advantage of the expert knowledge that each person in your organization has in a particular area. - Streamline the connection between people and knowledge within your professional environment. Among the most outstanding features that your company will be able to enjoy if it decides to use Zap, we highlight the following: - Database of questions asked and answers given. - Thematic categorization of the questions, to ease the search for correct answers. - Identification of experts in various areas within your organization. - Automatic and manual answer editing. - Information presented in different formats. - Multilingual virtual assistant. Zap empowers people in your organization, allowing them to share their knowledge and strengthen and reinforce their learning by answering all their doubts in record time. If you want to know more about Zap or Zapiens visit the following links: - Zapiens informative website: - Zapiens Help Desk: In order to use this app. Users must have an active ZAP accounts, please contact our support team for more details.

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  • Boleh menghantar data melalui Internet
  • Tambahan ini boleh mengakses maklumat peribadi pada mesej aktif, seperti nombor telefon, alamat pos, atau URL. Tambahan mungkin menghantar data ini ke perkhidmatan pihak ketiga. Item lain dalam peti mel anda tidak boleh dibaca atau diubah suai.

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