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Send encrypted messages to identified recipients and book meetings with identified participants.

SEFOS is a service that makes it easy to send secure messages and book meetings with identified participants through Microsoft Teams. Encrypt and send messages at the touch of a button and use strong authentication to log in to the service. SEFOS works in combination with various e-IDs and authentication methods and SEFOS can be used when addressing non-registered users also.

In order to use this app. Users must have an active SEFOS account, please go to and follow the steps on how to get started. If needed, you can also contact us by sending a message through this link

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  • Boleh menghantar data melalui Internet
  • Tambahan ini boleh mengakses maklumat peribadi pada mesej aktif, seperti nombor telefon, alamat pos, atau URL. Tambahan mungkin menghantar data ini ke perkhidmatan pihak ketiga. Item lain dalam peti mel anda tidak boleh dibaca atau diubah suai.

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