AI Real-Time Fraud Prevention For Banks

oleh Bleckwen

Real time machine learning solution for financial crime detection and prevention for banks

Today's evolving fraud patterns require Financial Institutions to be ever more vigilant. Using real-time advanced behavioural analysis, delivered via Artificial Intelligence, we address the inadequacy of legacy rules-based systems which cannot adapt to the increasing threats posed by real time payments and changing customer behaviours.

New regulations such as PSD2 and new payment schemes like Instant Payments are new challenges that financial Institutions have to face.

Our highly sophisticated technologies ensure a more rigorous and accurate fraud detection process which dynamically adapts and updates user profiles. Flexible, highly scalable, Bleckwen’s solution will help future proof your business.

  • Highly scalable Transaction Volume Processing Capabilities
  • White Box Approach with Interpretable Machine Learning Models
  • Real time scoring capability on high volume with low latency (<10ms)
  • Designed for Banks, with Banks to deliver full end-to-end solution
  • Mission tailored deep information extraction


  • Reduce client friction
  • Reduce your TCO
  • Reduce time to manage alerts via explainable AI
  • Adapt to evolving fraud patterns
  • Optimize fraud resources

Bleckwen is a French Fintech created in 2016 near Paris. The models developed by Bleckwen are already used by three French banks.

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