Talentology-Talent Experience Platform


Talent Platform to match the right profile to the right job opportunity Talentology is an enterprise ready platform that helps hiring managers to improve the quality of hire while reducing the cost and time per hire.

Using advanced AI solutions, Talentology can extract relevant applicant information from various varieties of resumes, match the skills to the right opportunity thus transforming the overall applicant experience.

Talentology makes sourcing and screening decisions based on data points derived from applicant information. It automates resume screening -which takes excessive time for recruiters, followed by matching. Talentology uses machine learning models backed with the data-points that learn to find the right applicant and makes sure that top applicants are selected.

Why Talentology?

  • Pre-trained ML model-based extraction of relevant information from resumes.
  • Ability to integrate with most HR & applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of layouts of resumes proprietary skills taxonomy that can be enriched over time in an automated manner.
  • Automated matching of candidates with opportunities using algorithms.
  • Admin console for business users for continuous training of the ML model and enrichment of the taxonomy.
  • A digital front end that provides a world class user experience to candidates & hiring managers.
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