ignio AI.Assurance

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An autonomous Assurance product to deliver better software, faster.

An Autonomous Assurance product that leverages AI/ML capabilities to provide highest level of automation through all stages of software testing and enables enterprises deliver better software faster.

Today Mobile and Web Based applications are integral part of growth strategies across enterprises and ensuring error free application delivery is key to better user experience. Enterprises continue to face challenges in Test Automation mainly contributed by agile development methodology, shorter release cycles and frequent changes in applications.

Challenges in Test Automation

  • Large Volume of test cases with redundancy and less reuse.
  • Manual creation of test scenarios.
  • No visibility of end to end application.
  • Struggle between timeline and right test suite for execution.
  • Need to release to market faster leading to quality impacts.
  • Huge time spent on fixing issues.

ignio AI.Assurance Addresses the challenges by

  • Improving release cycle agility through self-healing tests - automatically building test scenarios and automation scripts, and self-healing of the scenarios in case of any changes in software - Reduces Time to market by 6X
  • Increasing throughput and reduce cost through autonomous assurance as it involves minimal input and human intervention - Improves Efficiency by 70%
  • Reducing software failure risks through intelligent constraint-based testing - autonomously identifies test scenarios based on business impacts in the software - Reduces Cost of Quality by 60%

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