NucleusHealth is a medical image management platform that provides secure access to images in the cloud

The platform powers a complete suite of cloud-based imaging applications, each developed to optimize interactions with medical images end-to-end, including diagnostic reading, archiving, image sharing, and clinical viewing. The innovative SaaS and PaaS applications are infinitely scalable and enable secure remote access to any internet enabled device with instant load times and a responsive user experience without loss of performance or image quality. Leveraging the computing power of the Azure cloud, overcomes speed, access and collaboration challenges all while reducing the costs of managing the data around the world. Hospitals and healthcare systems can free themselves of restrictive, expensive enterprise hardware with's zero-footprint, scalable solutions that are secure, compliant, and always available – whether sharing data with colleagues or with patients themselves. is licensed as modules for Image Exchange, Remote Reading, Downtime PACS, and a Cloud PACS. The platform can also be licensed as a PaaS solution for third-parties who want to image enable apps.

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