Flight Status Data Feed


OAG's FVXML Data feed enables customers to integrate robust, real-time flight information

OAG ‘s Flight Status API enables customers to integrate our robust, real-time flight information and flight tracking maps with their products and systems – some of which include airport operations databases, travel and media websites, airport and hospitality displays, and scheduling and dispatching software for ground transportation and aviation companies. This content enhances such products and systems to drive improved customer service, increased website traffic, greater sales, and better operational efficiencies.
The data feed includes airline schedule verification for the next 350 days, real-time flight status information published by airlines and airports on an ongoing basis, radar-based air traffic data from the FAA and attractive maps showing flight paths and the aircraft's’ current locations for in-air flights. This flight data covers all global commercial flights as well as North American general aviation IFR (instrument flight restrictions).
The query interface is flexible, enabling users to enter simple queries, such as a single flight by flight number or by route. Also, it supports more complex queries such as multiple flights by flight numbers or by departure/arrival airport. Finally, sample flights may be queried where a flight that is currently in the air will be returned.
The query results include a spectrum of valuable information about a flight. There is standard information concerning departure and arrival airports and times (scheduled, estimated, actual), but also there is code share information, delay and cancellation status, diversion and recovery details, gate assignments, and current location for in-air flights (latitude/longitude) coordinates, altitude, heading, speed, and time remaining (for North America only).
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