Sutherland Sentinel AI

Sutherland Global Services Inc

Remote worker security for work at home operations

Designed for CIOs, Sutherland Sentinel AI™ is a suite of cost-effective remote workforce tools, that are bandwidth-friendly and easy for InfoSec professionals to deploy on a global scale. Sutherland Sentinel AI™ is a holistic solution that helps quickly augment your work environment to improve remote workforce security. It keeps important data secure and enables employees to continue working productively while still adhering to company and client security policies without sacrificing privacy. 

Compatible with enterprise-grade platforms, deploy Sutherland Sentinel AI™ within our network or yours. Sutherland Sentinel AI™ requires no changes be made to your existing application environment and was built in accordance with our best practice and robust testing standards to ensure remote employee security.

As your remote workforce scales with Sutherland Sentinel AI™, they can keep doing what they do best, and you can feel confident knowing that your business is fully audit-compliant. 
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