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High performance and intuitive business, risk and solvency modelling for P&C and Composite insurers

Igloo provides a powerful, flexible and intuitive simulation based modelling platform particularly suitable for the modelling of risk for P&C insurers. At the center of many firms Solvency II solution, it also provides deep insights into broader business performance. Igloo Cloud combines the market leading modelling capabilities of Igloo with the compute power of Azure to significantly enhance the overall Igloo proposition. Provision of on demand supercomputing combined with simplified IT and the potential for significantly reduced end to end costs allows clients unprecedented, affordable, near real time risk modelling. 

Igloo allows P&C insurers to understand their risks and the consequences of their strategy and actions on the solvency and financial performance of the business. Igloo is highly flexible and powerful whilst remaining intuitive, providing ready to go modelling functionality for most businesses and the capability for bespoke functionality for more unusual business features. As a powerful simulation based tool to support regulatory solvency and business strategic decision making, Igloo is compute intensive. Bigger, more complex models often require significant hardware and IT resources for Igloo insights to be achievable in the timescales required.

Igloo Cloud delegates compute requirements to an Azure based SaaS environment, transforming the client user experience:

  • Value. Igloo Cloud is about business value not technology. Igloo Cloud allows modelling and support teams to focus on their key roles, providing deep insight to the business, rather than the distractions of IT “plumbing” with models that are artificially constrained by compute limitations
  • Performance. Azure offers unlimited compute, Igloo Cloud offers unlimited licensing. Combined this allows users to scale in ways that were not previously possible.  Tasks that took hours and days can now be achieved in minutes
  • Costs. Igloo Cloud offers significant potential for the reduction of end to end costs of ownership of Igloo; users pay for the compute they use and for hardware that meets their needs rather than relying on an expensive and risky 3 year refresh cycle. The requirement for teams experienced in high performance computing is greatly reduced supporting redeployment of scare resource elsewhere

  • Simplicity. Igloo users can be up and running with Igloo Cloud in minutes with little training. Other than keeping an eye on consumption costs, the user experience is broadly unchanged for existing users and highly intuitive for new Igloo clients, and as a SaaS service Igloo Cloud requires little or no IT intervention for installation or ongoing maintenance

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