Microsoft Copilot Readiness: 2-Wk Workshop

Centric Consulting, LLC

A facilitated workshop to build a Roadmap to guide your organization in implementing Microsoft Copilot

Prepare your organization for implementing and deploying Microsoft Copilot in a secure and methodical manner that ensures your people, data, infrastructure, and organization are ready.

This engagement will ensure your organization is ready to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Copilot while also ensuring your data and information are not at risk. We assess your technical readiness, organizational readiness, and your organization as a whole to highlight risks, opportunities, and challenges when deploying Copilot.

From this assessment, we note steps to be taken to become Copilot ready that are defined in a roadmap to help you securely travel your Copilot journey. This roadmap includes recommendations for how to configure your existing Microsoft technologies included in your Microsoft 365 subscription to meet your data governance requirements.

The roadmap also includes Adoption and Change Management (ACM) plans to address the people side of your Copilot rollout to ensure your end users and managers / leaders from all levels will embrace this productivity enhancing tool.

About Centric: Centric Consulting services works with customers in several regulated industries, including healthcare, financial services, energy and utilities, and public sector. Our wealth of experience in helping them secure their data can help your organization to be successful as well.

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