Upgrade/Migrate to Dynamics 365: 4-Hr Assessment


An envisioning session to walk you through the ideal upgrade or migration path to Dynamics 365 for your environment, providing you with summary findings and high-level estimates.

Our Dynamics 365 Upgrade Program has been designed to identify your ideal path to the current release, assessing the technical and data migration/upgrade options and providing a qualified plan based on optimal approach and best practice scenarios. Depending on where your business is with an upgrade decision, Ciellos packages a tiered approach to qualifying an upgrade plan.

Each Dynamics version has it own characteristics, complexities and technology changes/improvements. Having completed over 250 upgrades, we deploy our proven 4 stage methodology to qualify, plan, and effectively upgrade the customer’s system to the target version, supporting user transition, and making the process repeatable and predictable with the lowest risk.

An assessment is the first step on your migration journey where we offer a 4-hour envision session with a senior architect to introduce you to our process and perform an initial review of your current systems.


You will receive a summary of findings and a high-level estimate of total hours that will be needed for the following tasks:

Project Planning & Management

This includes analysis, planning & design

Technical Upgrade

This includes installation, setup, code upgrade, GUI conversion, and reporting upgrade

Functional upgrade

This includes data upgrade, ISV management, product training, functional and acceptance testing

Live Upgrade

This includes Go-Live preparation, production upgrade, and Go-Live/Post Go-Live support


  • Please see the Learn more section for more details of our Upgrade program and methodology
  • The ideal next step after this assessment is an Upgrade/Migration Workshop

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