Project Manufacturing: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

Clients First Business Solutions

A trial engagement using your data and industry best practices to show you how to streamline your project manufacturing operations.

Project manufacturing takes advantage of common manufacturing requirements and efficiencies while allowing for customization into “unique” combinations. Unique orders may be managed like a project. The more components of that order that are common to other unique orders the more they may be manufactured – taking advantage of manufacturing methodology. Project Manufacturing then is the melding of Manufacturing and Project Management at a level where the most advantage may be gleaned from each to the financial advantage of the company.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition is inclusive of many modules that an organization can choose to utilize or not. These options and the configuration flexibility within the product lay the groundwork for streamlining the processes within any organization.

Project Management & Accounting, Service Management, Case Management, Purchasing, Production & CRM are just a few of the modules that are often utilized by project manufacturers.

This Proof of Concept is designed to reimagine how your business approaches project manufacturing. Our experts will create a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations company, configure it with your sample data, and provide a conference room pilot to your team and executives.


  • List of business requirements
  • Fit/gap analysis
  • Mapped project manufacturing processes
  • Test scenario setups
  • Task guides for project manufacturing transactions
  • Demonstration / training
  • Time to process transactions / play in sandbox

Not only will these deliverables ensure your organization makes the right choice when investing in an ERP solution, they will also provide a valuable head start towards a successful implementation.

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