Power BI Reporting and Analytics: 2-Day Assessment

Crowe LLP

Are you surrounded by data, but still making all of your business decision based on feelings? Review current data state, analyze future plans for data and lead a hands-on Power BI Proof of Concept.

Do you feel like you are surrounded by data, but you are still making all of your business decision based on feelings? Before you can base your business decisions on your data, it is necessary to understand your data. Your data has a story to tell and you can learn from it, but this is a process. Our team of experts can help you through this process. Are you ready?

Let us help you get started with a Reporting, Analytics and Power BI Assessment. Through a series of interviews, workshops, demonstrations and whiteboard sessions, our team will review and document your current state, identify gaps and shortcomings, identify key metrics, analytics and reports to assist in business decision making, demonstrate visualization and reporting capabilities with Power BI and together create a company specific data and analytics roadmap.


This engagement includes the following activities and topics:


  • Review current data state; identify data sources, data warehouse, ETL and reporting/visualization tools in use.
  • Maturity assessment of current reporting/visualization.


  • Identify current shortcomings, gaps or issues with current state.
  • Identify business areas for further advancement
  • Identify and document key metrics, analytics and reports for the business.


  • A hands-on Proof of Concept with a simple data source (such as Microsoft Excel) integrated with Power BI to demo features and functionality. This portion will be time-bound to a maximum of 4 hours and will not be production-ready.


  • Collaborate on future state design (infrastructure / architecture / data design).
  • Develop and present roadmap to achieve future BI state.

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