Microsoft Purview: 5-Day Fundamentals Workshop

eGroup Enabling Technologies

Quickly reduce risk and enable compliance controls with an eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC Microsoft Purview Fundamentals Workshop.

Microsoft Purview provides a full suite of governance, risk, and compliance controls.  It aids organizations using Microsoft 365 enabling efficient data management and compliance.

Microsoft Purview is complex and the solutions can be challenging to roll out on your own.  Engage the eGroup Enabling Technologies team to receive a packaged service providing an overview and introductory configuration to envision and start gaining value from Microsoft Purview. With eGroup Enabling Technologies Microsoft Purview Workshop we are helping organizations facilitate data discovery and cataloging across various sources, including Microsoft 365 services like SharePoint and OneDrive, ensuring visibility into data assets.  Through data classification and sensitivity labeling, organizations can enforce consistent policies for safeguarding sensitive data, complemented by integration with Microsoft Information Protection for enhanced data security within Microsoft 365.

Our 5-Day workshop includes the following:

Day 1: Provide an overview and demonstration of core Microsoft Purview solutions.

Day 2-4: Catalog and review a set of sensitive data locations, create a set of baseline configurations for Data Loss Prevention, Data Lifecycle Management, and Information Protection and discuss strategies and methods to operationalize Purview in production.

Day 5: Create as-built documentation and guidance to bring the solutions into production


With an eGroup Enabling Technologies Microsoft Purview Fundamentals Workshop you will receive an overall understanding of the functionality and benefits of Microsoft Purview, the familiarity with Compliance Manager and Insider Risk Management, and a baseline setting to be activated and enforced if desired providing your organization protection and reducing your risk.  Microsoft Purview will help your organization derive more value from your data assets while mitigating risks associated with data management and governance.

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