Privacy Management Workshop | Microsoft Priva

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Epiq's Privacy Management Workshop enables customers to safeguard personal information and manage privacy risk using Microsoft 365 Priva Priva Privacy Risk Management

Epiq conducts an in depth workshop over 5 days and 5 sessions to educate customers on how Microsoft 365 Priva Privacy Risk Management can facilitate and manage their organizations privacy.

The Privacy Management Workshop allows customers to see how they can safeguard personal information and manage privacy risk by identifying PI and other regulatory data, automating risk mitigation, and preventing privacy incidents by empowering data owners to make smart data governance decisions. In addition, the workshop also allows customers to visualize how they can accomplish subject rights requests at scale and respond with confidence using Microsoft 365 and Priva Privacy Risk Management.


Milestone 1: Project Kickoff and Discovery
• High-level overview of the Microsoft 365 Priva Workshop and objectives
• Identify privacy stakeholders, confirming early-stage information for the workshop
• Discover current use cases and business issues around Privacy Risk Management (“PRM”)
• Discover how Subject Right Requests (“SRR”) requests are currently managed
• Discuss existing SRR and PRM solutions and processes
• Introduce the Microsoft 365 privacy viewpoint
• Provide an explanation of Microsoft 365 Priva and a high-level demonstration
• Define project timelines

Milestone 2: Priva Workshop
Epiq will demonstrate Priva functionality through 5 sessions.
Session 1
• Overview of the Priva dashboard, Global Settings, Data Profile, Policy types and trends, and SharePoint Online Global Sharing Settings
• Creation of custom policies designed to support existing regulations (e.g. CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and PCI)
• Creation of test data and generation of sharing activity

Session 2
• Review of the findings, of data profile, of oversharing of sensitive data and data transfers
• End user and admin experience
• Discuss policy tuning and validating results
• SRR Creation for Data Access and Data Export utilizing test data

Session 3
• Review of SRR data collected in previous session
• Demonstration of SRR collaboration and production
• Demonstration of “Right to be Forgotten” data deletion functionality
• Define next steps

Session 4
• Discuss results, outcomes
• Gather feedback and define next steps

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