Migrate & Modernize with RPA 2-Wk Migration Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions' Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Assessment is a comprehensive offering designed to transition your organization from legacy bots to Power Automate using Azure OpenAI to accelerate.

The synergy of Copilot and Power Automate provides a robust platform to streamline your RPA migration process. It not only simplifies the migration but also maximizes the overall efficiency and productivity of your team. We focus on up-skilling your team with Power Automate, assessing your existing legacy bots, re-platforming a sample for hands-on experience, prioritizing flows for re-platforming, and determining the best approach for re-platforming your broader automation estate, whether that's to rebuild, consolidate, or migrate.

Benefits of our RPA Migration Assessment include:

  • Legacy bot assessment: We evaluate your current bot landscape, identifying areas of strength and improvement for a seamless transition.
  • Bot prioritization: We work with you to determine the sequence for re-platforming the remaining bots, ensuring a smooth, step-by-step migration.
  • Business Value Assessment: We will work with you to define the ROI for your migration and potential for savings and value. This assessment will help you determine time for payback of your investment in replatforming to Power Automate as well as ongoing cost reduction and efficiency gain you can expect to achieve after the migration. 
  • Copilot and Power Automate integration: We leverage our Power Automate migration copilot to assess your legacy bots, determine the optimal approach to re-platforming (lift-and-shift vs rewrite). Provide a working understanding of how Copilot and Power Automate integrate can be used to quickly develop new automations and provide guidance to your automation developers.

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