Secure Your Productivity 3-Day Workshop

Hitachi Solutions

Organizations are challenged with integrating their remote workforce, and to how best increase collaboration, productivity, and security.

During our 3-day workshop and product demo sessions, learn how to leverage new and emerging Microsoft features and technologies to enhance productivity with AI-powered cloud solutions while ensuring a secure workforce. Understand the Microsoft features and capabilities you currently have today and look for ways to consolidate or upgrade your tools and technologies.

This engagement will introduce the modern work capabilities to safely run your business from anywhere via a secure solution that simplifies endpoint management, establishes a Zero-Trust foundation, and helps understand how AI capabilities with Copilot can benefit your organization.

Our experienced team will help you address your organizations:

  • Copilot Readiness: Not knowing or understanding the technical requirements and organizational requirements to truly be Copilot (AI) ready.
  • Security Risks: Security, aligned with Zero-Trust security principles are covered in the workshop, can reduce the risk of data breaches by leveraging the power of Microsoft 365.
  • Collaboration: Microsoft 365 brings together tools that facilitate seamless collaboration, improving overall productivity. With the addition of Copilot, users can experience enhanced productivity and reduce repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Endpoint Device Management Challenges: Modernize and secure your digital worker’s devices while enabling workforce flexibility and productivity.
  • Efficiency Issues: Microsoft 365 Copilot can help eliminate redundant or manual tasks and improve the efficiency of multi-tasking and context switching.

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