AI Readiness Assessment: 2-week assessment

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Transform your technology, processes and people with Microsoft 365 Copilot

AI is Here...Is Your Company Ready?

AI is likely going to be the most impactful technological disruption in our lifetime. It requires thoughtful planning prior to using the tools; and people, processes, and technology all play a part in a successful adoption.

Interlink Cloud Advisors' AI Readiness Assessment can help your company measure your maturity in organizational readiness, appetite for change, data availability, data storage, data quality, data governance, data model management, data versioning, and level of trust. During this assessment, we will discuss the readiness of your organization, your people, your processes, and your technology. We will review several Microsoft products, including Co-pilot/GPT, Teams Premium, Power Automate, Syntex, Azure Cognitive Services, and Viva.

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