Enterprise Collaboration 2.0: 5-Wks Implementation

Merp Systems Inc

Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 - Is a transformation approach based on Teams and Power Apps. Delivering a new strategy in 5-weeks.

Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 - an innovative information architecture strategy which combines the strengths of Teams, SharePoint, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Power Apps, Dynamics 356, and Azure to offer the best-in-class collaboration framework for the enterprise; be it a federal agency, state & local government, or a nonprofit organization. EC 2.0 is an approach to centralize information availability and access across the enterprise. Embedding the fundamentals of content, context, access, and collaboration in the culture of the organization promotes information sharing and allows capitalization of organizational resources. The center-point of the information architecture will leverage current investment of the Office 365 assets and explore possible ecosystem expansion.

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