NNIT - Mixed Reality - Booster Program - Remote Assist: 5Wk, Implementation


NNIT's Mixed Reality Booster Program is a fast and secure way to explore the benefits of Mixed Reality within your organization.

A fast, and secure way to explore the benefits of Mixed Reality within your organization. Explore, Pilot, and realize the benefits of Mixed Reality within your organization by following our four-phase Booster Program:

  1. Envisioning Workshop Introduction to Mixed Reality, Customer reference cases, technology demo, and use-case selection for Pilot.

  2. Pilot Kick-off session, Training & Preparation, Pilot Execution, and Pilot conclusion.

  3. Deployment Set device requirements, enrollment methods, deploy HoloLens, and user verification.

  4. Achieve Conclusion presentation, business value realization, scaling considerations, and next steps.

Value Proposition: With NNIT’s Mixed Reality Booster Program, we enable you to explore the potential of Remote Assist within your organization. We function as your trusted advisor from beginning to end and provide you with a solid business case for further scaling.

Key Benefits: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables customers to reduce travel costs, increase the flexibility and scalability of expert knowledge, eliminate quarantine demands, and improve carbon footprint – ultimately increasing productivity and driving an estimated cost reduction of +25%.​

Additional benefits: NNIT is an end-to-end service provider covering the value chain from procurement of devices, the configuration of devices, scaling to enterprise, training of users, to daily support of operations. We have developed a complete knowledge base enabling companies in highly regulated industries to grow proof of concepts into production.

Price Estimation: 230.000 DKK The price estimation is based on previous deliverables and will be invoiced as Time & Material (T&M).

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