Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP diagnostic for Retail: 10 Weeks Implementation Framework


10-week comprehensive program, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is your gateway to an enhanced and optimized retail experience.

Embark on a transformative journey with an advanced diagnostic framework tailored for your retail business. This 10-week comprehensive program, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is your gateway to an enhanced and optimized retail experience. Dive deep into every aspect, from functionalities to performance, ensuring a robust digital ERP platform aligned with your business objectives.

Package inclusions

Kick off meeting:

● Set the stage for a transformative 10-week journey.

● Gain a holistic understanding of your business nuances, aspirations, and challenges.

● Define the goals and roadmaps for the weeks ahead.

Functional workshops:

● Engage in advanced analysis of your retail functionalities and processes.

● Map Dynamics 365 ERP solution to intricate business challenges, ensuring a seamless fit.

● Strategize on harnessing Dynamics 365 to maximize operational benefits.

Technical workshops:

● Explore and devise strategies for integrations, architectures, and tailor-made customizations.

● Lay a solid foundation for a robust Dynamics 365 ERP deployment.

Commercial proposal:

● Receive a comprehensive proposal capturing all facets: costs, benefits, and deployment timelines.

● Navigate through the licensing nuances and anticipate any unforeseen costs.

Workshop on compliance with business KPIs and digitalization strategy:

● Strengthen the alignment between Dynamics 365 ERP capabilities and your overarching business goals.

● Chart out a detailed digital transformation path synced with your critical retail KPIs.

3 demo cases:

● Experience Dynamics 365 in its full glory tailored specifically for your retail context.

● Draw actionable insights from realistic scenarios to help visualize its potential impact on your operations.

Load & performance testing:

● Ensure that the proposed Dynamics 365 ERP setup stands robust even under peak loads.

● Analyze and guarantee optimal performance, ensuring smooth operations regardless of scale.

Duration: 10 Weeks

Price: $15,000 USD

Why choose this package?

● Embark on an end-to-end transformative experience with a comprehensive Dynamics 365 diagnostic framework.

● Attain a perfect blend of functionality, technical prowess, and strategic alignment.

● Benefit from real-world demos and rigorous performance testing, ensuring a future-proof ERP solution.

● Partner in a journey that’s much more than just implementation - it's a vision for the future of your business.

How to get Started?

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