Moving Dynamics CRM to the Cloud: 5-Day Assessment

Plus Consulting

An engagement to evaluate if your current Dynamics CRM system is ready for the cloud.

This 5-day assessment will evaluate your current on-premise deployment of Dynamics CRM and determine if you are ready to move to the cloud.

We will evaluate your current CRM by looking at the following areas:

  • Entities (custom and out-of-the-box entities)
  • Plugins
  • Web resources that include JavaScript and Silverlight components
  • Custom SSRS Reports
  • Security
  • Third party applications
  • Solutions
  • Processes that include dialogs and workflows
  • Mailbox settings
  • User Management
  • Storage

The evaluation will be carried out using a combination of information gathering tasks, interviews with your CRM administrator and IT staff, and analysis of your current CRM.


The assessment will provide you with a definitive answer on whether your CRM organization is ready for the cloud along with the reasons for not moving to the cloud, areas that require your attention prior to a cloud deployment, and a series of recommendations on functionality that can be improved on with new features available on the cloud.

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