Power Automate for Operations: 1 Month Implementation

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RPA for tasks that slow down Operations, reduce operational costs and improve accuracy of sales processing and customer or vendor orders

Operate more efficiently by streamlining repetitive, mundane tasks. Operations employees can focus on meaningful work and accomplish more strategic, creative tasks.

Power Automate is the go-to intelligent digital automation platform that empowers your low-code users to quickly automate manual workflows, seamlessly integrate with diverse systems and boost productivity. Are you sufficiently staffed to support the growing demand of Power Automate? Is your organization prepared with the knowledge, skill set and capacity to absorb the responsibilities of supporting these possibilities?

For over 20 years, Smartbridge has been providing experienced staff and professional services support business and IT for our large and enterprise clients. Your Power Automate projects deserve the best subject matter experts, and they’re right here at Smartbridge.

Operations Use Cases with Power Automate:

  • Customer Ordering: Customers and vendors can place/track orders through self-service help options and unique credentials.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers must juggle labor and various time-intensive processes such as inventory, procurement, and customer communication, all of which can be automated.
  • Sales and Orders: Sales operations encompass tasks like CRM data entries and ERP accounting updates, both candidates for automation.
  • Retail Operations: Restaurants and retailers are constantly met with the pressure to innovate front and back-of-house operations to ensure their product is desired in the right medium.

Examples of Deliverables that may be included in this project:

  • Process Design Document (PDD) – Documents the Business Process Flow, Automation design and technical details such as API, notifications, triggers etc.
  • Test Cases – Documentation of testing scenarios along with input data used and expected output.
  • Operations Manual - Document describing the operation and functionality of the flow for hand-off to the support team. May contain governance and security related checklists necessary to support the flow.

Visit our website to read a case study were 87% of time was saved per process for a restaurant group that automated their weekly inventory audit process as well as applicable sales discounts for the day on their variety of products.

In our first call, a Smartbridge automation manager or director will discuss your goals and requirements. Implementations may range from deployment of one bot to many. We will give you an idea of timelines and costs and potentially schedule an assessment or strategy call as the next step.

Do you just need temporary staffing? Find our listing for Power Automate Staff Augmentation. Smartbridge staffing options and rates vary depending on your need. Contact us to learn more about complementing your internal staff.

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