Athenagy™ E-Discovery Assessment: 4 weeks

BDO Digital, LLC

Centralize and simplify E-Discovery with our expert evaluation and recommendations on your current environment

Our team will propose recommendations for your Advanced E-Discovery process. We will evaluate your process flows, templates, reminders, and controls with the goal to centralize and improve your E-Discovery management. Our roadmap will leverage Microsoft 365’s Compliance Center Advanced E-Discovery and Microsoft Power BI to seamlessly manage your data and help your organization respond to legal matters or internal investigations.

  • STEP 1 - Process Review: Review existing E-Discovery processes, understand the data landscape, and how e-discovery data is handled
  • STEP 2 - Technical Environment Review: Technical review of e-discovery tools and integrations with email and collaboration applications
  • STEP 3 - Define Workflows: Evaluate templates, control validation and data process flow across all matter types and formats
  • STEP 4 - Process Design: Future state plan for Advanced E-Discovery, process flows, templates, reminders, and controls which fuel the BDO exclusive Athenagy™ dashboards


  • E-discovery processes and workflows
  • Optimize control processes
  • Streamline data storage and flow
  • Recommendations for roles, access, and security model

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