Frontline Worker Enablement Workshop

BDO Digital, LLC

Empower your frontline workers with the latest tools to improve productivity and collaboration

Empower your frontline workers with the latest technology tools to streamline business processes and improve productivity. Many organizations struggle with outdated communication and collaboration tools that hinder frontline workers’ ability to perform their jobs effectively.

BDO Digital’s team will help your organization realize the power of enabling tools for frontline workers by showing you how Microsoft Teams can be used to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity.

STEP 1 - Align: Collaborate with key stakeholders to understand goals and business strategy for frontline worker enablement

STEP 2 - Discover & Assess: Assess current communication and collaboration tools and identify areas for improvement

STEP 3 - Analyze: Deliver a customized report that includes a financial analysis and an adoption plan.

STEP 4 - Recommend & Advise: Roadmap a prioritized plan with estimated level-of-effort and cost to implement Microsoft Teams solutions that will enable frontline workers.

By the end of this engagement, your organization will have a clear understanding of how Microsoft Teams can be used to enable frontline workers and improve productivity.

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