Microsoft Viva Workshop

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The Microsoft Viva Workshop is a three-phase engagement that helps you discover, implement, and adopt Microsoft Viva to enhance the employee experience in your organization.

Microsoft Viva is a new platform that empowers employees to thrive in the hybrid work world. It integrates with Microsoft Teams and provides four modules: Goals, Topics, Connections, and Learning. Each module helps employees to align their work, access knowledge, engage with their colleagues, and grow their skills. By using Microsoft Viva, you can also drive mission and alignment, enable a high-performance organization, and measure engagement and productivity across your workforce. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Viva and how it can transform your employee experience, join our workshops.

We offer a three-phase engagement that covers the following: • Assess: We will gather information on your key business scenarios and employee experience maturity. We will define the scope, identify the stakeholders, and introduce Microsoft Viva.

• Art of the Possible: We will give you an overview of Microsoft Viva and showcase how it can address your employee experience challenges. We will dive deep into each module and demonstrate its features and benefits.

• Build the Plan: We will help you prioritize your top employee experience use cases and scenarios. We will build a plan and define the next steps to implement Microsoft Viva in your organization. We will also provide an adoption framework and best practices.

Workshop agenda includes: • Viva Goals: This pathway helps you build a more focused and aligned culture by using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework. You will learn how to set and track goals across teams and individuals, and how to use Viva Goals advanced configuration to customize your experience.

• Viva Topics: This pathway helps you put knowledge to work by using AI to automatically organize content and expertise across your organization. You will learn how to create and manage topics, how to discover and share knowledge, and how to use SharePoint Syntex to turn content into knowledge.

• Viva Connections: This pathway helps you drive employee engagement by creating a personalized and curated hub for your employees. You will learn how to use the Connections Dashboard to access news, resources, communities, and tasks, and how to customize your dashboard with web parts and adaptive cards.

• Viva Engage: This pathway helps you build community and spark engagement by using surveys, polls, praise, and analytics. You will learn how to create and distribute surveys and polls, how to recognize and celebrate achievements, and how to measure and improve employee engagement.

• Viva Learning: This pathway helps you accelerate skilling and growth by providing a central place for learning content from various sources. You will learn how to access and consume learning content from Microsoft, LinkedIn, third-party providers, or your own organization, and how to track and share your progress.

• Microsoft Viva Experience: This pathway helps you see live demonstrations of each Viva app in action. You will be able to interact with the apps and explore their features and benefits in a realistic scenario.

Workshop deliverables include: • A prioritized list of business scenarios that can be solved by Microsoft Viva • A roadmap outlining potential workstreams and dependencies • An adoption framework and best practices • A live demonstration of each Viva module

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Microsoft Viva can help your people be their best.

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