Always On Service 8weeks Desgin & Implementation


Solution for the service area, such as customer service and field service for both internal and external customers of each company, covering any need that may be presented related to service.

Empower teams with the right tools & insights to provide real-time, personalized support, optimize resources that scale to meet business needs, and troubleshoot issues anytime, anywhere ande creating new challenges for service organizations, because now, more than ever before, businesses are looking for new ways to stay connected to customers, to understand changing customer behaviors, and deliver new products and services. Always on service is integrated: It provides all service and support employees with a single 360-degree view of the customer, so that the customer in turn receives one consistent experience, regardless of how many agents or technicians they need to work with.

Customer Service: Scale elastic operations to match customer demand - Work anywhere, anytime by going 100% digital to support agent productivity and a distributed contact center environment. Empower technicians and agents with the right tools at the right time. Agents can view and manage relevant information from the agent interface including cases, contracts and agreement, SLAs, Knowledge Base, Next Best Action, and surveys.
If the case is converted to a work order and dispatchers can optimize resources and personnel assignment to the right work order

Field service Technician enablement – Technicians can access all relevant work order information from their mobile device. If needed, they can also leverage expert guidance while on-the-job to get remote training and assistance from experts. Both customer service and field service employees can collaborate and communicate across a shared platform. Provide predictable service that increases customer satisfaction through advanced resource scheduling and remote monitoring. 

This is an estimated cost based on our experience in projects with similar requirements. We will provide the final cost of the solution once the detailed requirements and characteristics of your environment have been evaluated.

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