Catalyst Envision - 6 weeks Workshop & Design


The accompaniment by phases is a structured work for the development of internal knowledge of any organization. With Microsoft Catalyst, support and growth is assured.

How to keep moving forward? Where should you start your transformation? The strategic development of knowledge according to each phase in which it is found is essential to grow professionally and as an organization. Our work with Microsoft Catalyst is structured around facilitating the growth of the knowledge base of all the members of your organization, ensuring the control and correct performance of the Microsoft community certifications. · Segmented work oriented to the growth of knowledge · Preparation oriented to the option of certifications · Planning by work phase for the creation of specific knowledge Through the Catalyst work methodology designed by Microsoft, we can offer you our advice to identify where your company is positioned today, what need and difficulties it is facing and how to move towards a more modern service system that allows you to continue interacting online with your own clients and their main interests, maintaining control and progress of the performance of each of your collaborators and how to start the transformation journey that you need so much and in an orderly way through the fulfillment of phases, involving costs, profitability, resources and times necessary to achieve the goal that you propose ... all from a strategic and transversal perspective, without dwelling on technicalities.

It consists of 6 phases: Phase 1 corresponds to the Inspire stage with a duration of 1 week; Phase 2 Design stage lasting 1 week; Stage 3 Empower Stage and Stage 4 Achieve both last 1 week; Phase 5 success by design stage and final phase are carried out in 3 weeks, giving a total of 6 weeks. This is an estimated cost based on our experience in projects with similar requirements. We will provide the final cost of the solution once the detailed requirements and characteristics of your environment have been evaluated.

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