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Keep track of your sales contracts and automate your recurring invoicing with Illuminated Contracts.

Do you spend a lot of time creating recurring invoices? Do you wish you had more control over you contract management?

Automated cleverness

Creating invoices for recurring sales are known for being time consuming and are usually handled manually. The risk of errors increases and the quality can therefore be reduced.

With Illuminated Contracts, your contract management will be facilitated and automated. By using reusable templates you can easily create new contracts and start invoicing your recurring revenues effortlessly. 

Seamless contract management

Do you handle one-time charges like implementation costs? No worries! Illuminated Contracts will help you invoice these charges as well.

Just set up invoicing details on contracts and let Illuminated Contracts create the invoices for you. Group your contracts to easily generate combined invoices. Renewal functionality helps you automatically extend contracts so that you no longer run the risk of missing out on revenues due to an outdated contract registry.

Fixed price contracts

Do you charge startup fees, like implementations or installations? With fixed price contracts you can divide the contract into milestone activities and let your project managers release the activities for invoicing as they are executed.

Always one step ahead

Enable commission functionality to handle commission to your partners. Purchase documents are generated automatically which gives you full control over your commission model. Illuminated Contracts allows you to easily forecast and plan your cash flow for both recurring revenues, and estimated expenses for commission.

Features and benefits

  • Easy contract management
  • Automated recurring sales invoicing
  • Handle commissions
  • Forecast and plan

Click the Free Trial button to streamline your contract management; you will gain increased control over your processes and save time.

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

Sweden and the United Kingdom. If you are interested in Illuminated Contracts, but are based in another country, please feel free to contact us.

Supported languages:

The app is available in Swedish (Sweden) and English (United States).

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