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Arbela Workflow Manager

Arbela Technologies Corp.

AWM provides mobile platform for D365FO users to approve, manage and complete workflow items.

Workflow Automation is a popular feature, within the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) application, used to ensure business documents are processed and approved in a consistent, auditable, and efficient manner. Yet, with an increasingly more mobile workforce, approvals and completions of business documents routing is often delayed, due to lack of a lack of mobile platform to approve or manage the workflows. Arbela Workflow Manager helps bridge that gap and allows D365FO users to approve, manage and complete workflow items with ease. It simplifies the approval process for D365FO users and leverages Azure Active Directory to make sure there are only authorized approvals. Arbela Workflow Manager has the following features: • List of workflow items assigned to users in real-time. • Ability to approve/reject the workflow items. • Ability to see workflow details that are required for approval. • Allows filtering by workflow item type. • Preserves workflow audit history. • Respects Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations security. • Ability to view the attachments related to the workflow items. • Ability to approve or reject workflow from emails. Workflow emails are secured and lose authentication on forwarding. • Deep links to Dynamics 365 Finance and operations. • Multi-Document Rapid Approval. • Due date reminders. Please reach out to Arbela experts for more details at info@arbelatech.com