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Enhance fiscal management and payroll with our robust Dynamics 365-based workflows for higher ed.

By optimizing Microsoft Dynamics 365's powerful finance system for higher education, Anthology Finance & HCM with Payroll enables colleges and universities to increase efficiency, agility, and visibility into the processes critical to sound fiscal, human resource management and payroll. Whether overseeing a single campus or many, this multi-campus, feature-rich solution brings together the ability to manage your finances, human resources and payroll into one platform seamlessly.

When Anthology Finance & HCM with Payroll is paired with our Anthology Student SIS solution, institutions gain a comprehensive, enterprise-wide, and unified ERP solution.

This streamlines operations across all facets of the institution and simplifies interactions with third parties, ultimately boosting efficiency. For instance, the integration of data from Anthology Finance & HCM with Payroll and Anthology Student SIS solutions seamlessly facilitates essential functions like verifying and creating payment details for part-time and adjunct faculty, while also ensuring compliance with instructor limits. For the complete ERP experience, Anthology Payroll manages your organization’s entire payroll process from time of entry through check printing and direct deposit to GL postings and statutory filings.

Anthology Finance & HCM with Payroll offers:

· Position control and improved budgeting

· Faculty and human capital management, contracts, and administration

· Advanced payroll solution designed to simplify compliance in the US and Canada· Data visualization, reports, and analytics

· Faculty and program return on investment analysis

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