AJR Human Capital Management and Payroll for Dynamics 365


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Managing payroll as extension for D365 F&O with keeping standard integration to other modules

No more complex and time- consuming HR tasks. AJR is the first HCM add-in validated software solution in Egypt, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft core functions. It comes with purpose-built AI models designed specifically for Human Resources and Learning & Development.
Let’s re-innovate your Human Resources functions!

Solution Value Proposition, AJR HCM

  • Covering from Hire to retire Managing the employee's payroll calculations (Salaries fixed and variable Compensations , attendance , Benefits , Tax & Insurance , Deductions , Leaves , Medical , Emp Status MGT , Flexible Business Rules, Disciplinary deductions).
  • Interactions between Employee and Manager and Company with Employee Self Services.
  • AJR HCM is an add-in totally built inside D365 with all the standard functions.

Type of user that benefits from the offer:

  • HR users and normal employees with their managers using (ESS& MSS) can interact with the solution, which will automatically result final salary calculations.

Reasons why you should be using AJR HCM:

  • No need to integrate with standalone HR & Payroll solution.
  • Reduce Salary & Wage processing efforts and entries.
  • Variability, Stability and accuracy for complex calculations.
  • Automatic Handling Social insurance & Tax parameterized calculations.
  • Automatic Time and attendance integration readiness and auto process calculations (Business Rule bases).
  • Paperless for HR & Payroll processes.
  • Direct Collaborative with the employee remotely using Mobile ESS

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