DXC RemoteRetail Connector


Connect associates and customers directly from your Dynamics 365 Commerce storefront site

The RemoteRetail solution allows your associates to become your customer’s trusted advisor from any location. “100 percent Remote Retail” meaning it’s deployed remotely, trained remotely, conducted remotely and converted remotely. All the value of an in-store experience at a safe distance, remote associates are equipped with deep product knowledge, purchase history, customer preferences, favourites as well as advanced product recommendations that are driven by Microsoft's Commerce platform technologies.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, the DXC RemoteRetail Connector enables direct customer engagement experiences on your storefront site that is up and running in no time. Use the Dynamics 365 Commerce Site Builder tool to personalize how the Customer Engagement Widget (CEW) is presented on your Commerce site. Configure options, design landing pages, or create extensions to meet your own custom scenarios.

Connector features:

  • Add RemoteRetail’s Customer Engagement Widget capability to your eCommerce storefront in just a few clicks using the Dynamics 365 Commerce Site Builder tool.
  • Engage with first-time and returning customers providing them a full-service concierge experience. Automatically recognizes customers logged into the eCommerce site and engages with them as known customers.
  • New linkable landing page so customers can view product assortments/recommendations, outfits, or collections created for them by the associate and add those products to their shopping cart or wish list.

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