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Monitor, measure, analyze, and enrich your ERP data with our telemetry solution

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 power users, data analysts, and everybody else who cares about the performance of their ERP, dots.365’s telemetry solution will deliver comprehensive insights so you can continuously optimize your enterprise applications.
Why did we make this solution?
Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365 F&SCM), offer various built-in management and performance analysis tools.
However, based on customer feedback and our evaluation, we noticed various aspects of the available data and significant measurements are currently not being collected and reflected in the D365 F&SCM or in the Lifecycle Services management platform (LCS). This missing information is exactly what our telemetry solution is designed to capture.
Additional info collected and analyzed:
• Form opening: precise queries utilized to open forms, precise opening time down to exact milliseconds, platform version, AOS number
• Error messages: Formatted stacktrace, AOS number, platform version
• Batch performance metrics: data and additional insights
How can your organization benefit from dots.365’s telemetry solution?
Our solution can capture and process all the missing and granular information and data to monitor, measure and analyze the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. It can help with:
• ERP Performance: Find out if your Dynamics 365 ERP is working optimally. If not – what is causing problems and what can be done about that?
• User activity: How do users carry out their daily activities? Who is doing what and how fast? Any changes from the standard baseline?
• Infrastructure load: How is ERP infrastructure being utilized by the system at various points? Are there bottlenecks and what can you do about them?
• And much more – check the attached product brochure to learn about additional features and uses of our solution.
Who is this solution for?
Dynamics Power Users, Data analysts and everybody else who cares about the performance of ERP and wants to know more. Suitable for D365 users in any Industry.
Want to see our solution in action?
See attached video demo and contact us if you have additional questions!

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