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Mobile data collection suite for AX and D365

Introducing ScanWorkX® for Microsoft AX and D365 – the cutting-edge barcode data collection solution designed to revolutionize your inventory management and warehouse operations. With a powerful Microsoft .NET architecture and an intuitive, hardware-independent interface, ScanWorkX is the next generation in barcode technology.

Boost productivity and streamline your workflows with ScanWorkX's advanced transaction logic. With support for over 50 standard transactions, both with and without barcode readers, ScanWorkX simplifies and accelerates your Microsoft AX and D365 processes. By logically combining process steps and leveraging barcodes, lists of values, and directed logic, ScanWorkX enhances transaction validation and completion, delivering unrivaled efficiency gains.

Data integrity, security, real-time response, and user ergonomics are our top priorities. Rest assured that ScanWorkX upholds the highest standards in these areas, providing you with a seamless and reliable solution. Combine this with the latest advancements in mobile technology, and you have ScanWorkX—the ultimate barcode data collection, WMS, and advanced warehouse solution for Microsoft D365.

Key Features of DSI ScanWorkX:

1. Tailored Transactions: Customize transactions at the company, site, warehouse, and user level, selecting only those applicable to your environment.

2. Scalability: Expand your system without configuration changes, thanks to ScanWorkX's modular transaction set.

3. Real-time Inventory Accuracy: Increase efficiency by empowering users with a high-speed, easy-to-use solution that delivers accurate inventory data in real time.

4. Data Integrity: Safeguard your data with integrated security permissions and parameters that ensure only ERP-approved transactions are performed.

5. Seamless Integration: Control all tools and transactions directly from the D365 client, without the need for additional user interfaces.

6. Lot and Serial Traceability: Achieve compliance and establish an audit trail of material movements and serialized parts with built-in support for lot and serial traceability.

Why Choose DSI ScanWorkX?

1. Best-in-Class Interface: Experience a best-in-class HTML5 interface.

2. Warehouse Flexibility: Whether you have standard, advanced, or hybrid warehouses, ScanWorkX supports your unique setup.

3. Configuration Tailoring: Customize the software to align with your business processes, eliminating the need for costly modifications.

4. Enhanced Data Entry: Reduce data entry time with configurable smart barcodes, lists of values, and auto-complete logic.

5. Easy Modifications: Add additional form fields and modify label contents without incurring extra costs.

6. Built Specifically for Microsoft AX and D365: ScanWorkX is purpose-built from the ground up for seamless integration and optimal performance with Microsoft AX and D365.

7. Comprehensive Support: Enjoy 24/7/365 software and hardware support through DSI's dedicated Customer Success Center.

8. Flexible Deployment Options: Choose between cloud, on-premise, or hybrid installations to suit your business needs.

Unlock the true potential of your Microsoft AX and D365 systems with ScanWorkX. Upgrade to the most advanced barcode data collection solution on the market today. Contact us now to learn how ScanWorkX can transform your inventory management and warehouse operations.

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