RealEstatePro - Property Lease & Sales Management

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Property Management Solution for Housing, Retail, Airports & Warehouse for Lease / Rent and Sales

The all-in-one comprehensive Management Solution for Property Rental, Leasing and Sales for Residential, Commercial, Housing, Old age / retirement homes, Malls, Airports, Ports, Agriculture Farms, Business Parks, Tech Parks, Industrial Estates etc.

Dynamic Netsoft's RealEstatePro on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is one of our flagship solutions that helps automate the renting, leasing or sales cycle in the real estate industry.

While the property managers / developers are stretching their capacities to the maximum in order to meet the growing market demands, a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with Real Estate solution is vital for their business.

RealEstatePro - a robust solution, which extends the standard functionalities of Dynamics 365 finance & Operations to provide top-notch ERP capabilities for the real estate industry - property managers, developers, owners, brokers, etc.

RealEstatePro consists of two modules one for property rental / lease and another for property sales.

  • Property Management System : Automates property rental and leasing
  • Real Estate Sales : Automates property sales

The solution helps manage residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and provide other real estate related services. RealEstatePro provides real time insights on the business that helps the management make strategies and decisions.

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